Why it is Important to Hire an Attorney to Defend your Foreclosure- Part 2

Having an attorney represent a homeowner in their foreclosure can make a big difference in whether that homeowner will have the opportunity to stay in their home. Here is an example of one of my past clients that benefitted tremendously through hiring representation . . .

Client A approached me confused and unsure of his rights and options after a foreclosure had been filed against him. In fact, when Client A approached me, he had about one month before his final judgment hearing was scheduled to occur. He was simply lost, scared and unsure of what options he had to pursue.

During this free consultation, I asked Client A what his preference was, that is, whether he wanted to stay in his home or wanted to liquidate (leave) the property. A quick side note, not everyone wants to stay in their home. To some individuals, their home carries sentimental value and they want to stay in their property. To others, property carries heartache, trouble and unwanted stress to keep up with the bills and maintenance. Client A was the latter; he wanted to get out of the property as it was causing him undue stress.

Since Client A wanted to leave his property, I informed him of options he could pursue to liquidate the property and the likely outcome of those options. Client A then asked my professional opinion on what his best option was to pursue. I informed him of my opinion, based upon thousands of similar foreclosures I handled before his, and told him I would be happy to guide him to his desired goal.

Ultimately, I was able to keep my client in his property for another year, without him having to make a mortgage payment. Therefore, he was able to save thousands of dollars in mortgage payments. Also, he received a full deficiency judgment waiver and was given cash to leave the property in broom swept condition.

Without representation, Client A would have been out of his property in a matter of days. Instead, he hired Haynes Law Group to help him get his desired goal. We achieved that goal and he left the property feeling free and happy. This is a prime example of why hiring an experienced Orlando foreclosure defense attorney is extremely important for a homeowner.

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