2024: The State of Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds

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As we continue to see high property values in the State of Florida, we continue to have a high level of foreclosure surplus cases arise. Many of the properties being foreclosed on have equity, as property values are up nearly 40% throughout the State. What does this mean for the State of Foreclosure Surplus Funds? Many foreclosure surplus companies rising up.

I have been a foreclosure surplus lawyer going on thirteen years and have handled thousands of foreclosure cases. I have always stated, NEVER assign away your rights to a foreclosure surplus company. Remember, if you assign away your rights, you are not hiring that company to represent you (they are not lawyers), but you are contracting away all rights to the surplus company. That means, you lose 100% control of your surplus rights.

Further, remember, these surplus companies are NOT lawyers. This is why they can contact former owners/heirs directly. A lawyer is NOT allowed to solicit business directly. I have seen hundreds of people lose their potential surplus money due to the lack of skill and training the asset recovery companies have.

I have also had several people contact me throughout the years who have had their money stolen by surplus companies. Remember, these surplus recovery agents are not governed by the Florida Bar of Ethics, like a lawyer.

Do the smart thing. Don’t assign away your rights to anyone. Instead, hire a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Law Firm directly in your surplus matter. If you don’t, you are at great risk of not recovering any Florida Surplus funds after the sale.

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