Haynes Law Group announces firm updates, job opening

The Orlando law firm of Haynes Law Group is pleased to announce the following:

-Our facilities have been expanded and includes a luxurious lounge for clients to relax in while filling out paperwork or waiting for their appointment. All our guests are welcome to coffee and refreshments while they wait.

-Our firm, which serves clients facing a variety of legal issues, is enlarging its estate planning practice and has invested in a top of the line estate planning software program to this end. We offer free consultations, so come speak with our firm or reach out to us online and plan your estate while information from your tax return is still fresh.

-With our growing firm, we are looking to hire a new receptionist to answer phones, greet clients, manage the mail room, and organize our calendars. Give us a call to learn more.

If you need a defense from foreclosure proceedings, estate planning help, have a business or real estate litigation matter, or other pressing legal matter, call the law firm of Haynes Law Group and discuss your case with us.

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