Florida Foreclosure Lawsuits Are Set to Resume On May 19, 2020

Haynes Law Group

Many Florida homeowners are concerned about the end of Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order to temporarily suspend foreclosures and evictions.. This executive order effectively stopped mortgage foreclosure proceedings through May 19, 2020. This means that a mortgage foreclosure action against you would have been suspended by the lender. It also means if you had a foreclosure sale coming up, it would have been canceled. Any court dates and foreclosure sale dates that were canceled will be rescheduled at a time after that May 19 date.

We fully expect a giant wave of Florida foreclosure cases to be filed at the end of May and early June. It is time for homeowners to start preparing to be able to keep their homes against foreclosure. Many banks have offered a “forbearance” during this time. However, a forbearance does not mean you just pick up your regularly scheduled payments once the time has lapsed. A forbearance often just means that you don’t have to pay for 3-6 months. However, at the end of that time period, the full amount of all of those months is owed up front. If you can’t pay it, a foreclosure action against you will be filed.

The best way for homeowners to keep their home is through a loan modification. Now is the time for homeowners to start preparing to a) apply for a loan modification, and b) defend the case in court. The main objective of the foreclosure defense is to make the bank prove their case, but ultimately this can buy the homeowner time and give them leverage to obtain a modification on their mortgage.

Here at the Haynes Law Group, P.A. we have handled thousands of foreclosure cases across the State of Florida. We have even been able to have foreclosure sales canceled and saved properties through our loss mitigation efforts. We look for long term solutions options and the greatest long-term solution out there is one that will save your home.

If you are currently in foreclosure or know that as soon as the restrictions on foreclosure actions are lifted a foreclosure action will be filed, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The main focus of our firm is foreclosure defense and loss mitigation that results in our clients keeping their homes. Please give us a call and I will personally give you a free consultation. You are not in this alone and we can help.

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