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Understanding the Foreclosure Process

In Florida, the foreclosure process typically follows a sequence of events. It begins when a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments, triggering the lender's actions to reclaim the property. Understanding these stages is crucial for those facing the distressing possibility of foreclosure.

Foreclosure typically involves the following stages:

  • Default and Notice: After missing a certain number of payments, the lender will send a Notice of Default, officially notifying the homeowner that they're at risk of foreclosure.
  • Lis Pendens: Latin for “litigation pending,” the lender files this summons and complaint to indicate that a case is now in progress with the subject property. It acts as notice that the foreclosure procedure has moved forward and it is on public record.
  • File a Response: You have 20 days to respond to the summons and complaint. If you do not respond, the judge may issue a final judgment leading to foreclosure. While you can file an answer by yourself, it is best to have a Tampa foreclosure attorney on your side -- it is the best way to outline your defenses.
  • Court Hearings: A preliminary hearing is scheduled where you may present your defenses. A judge may grant more time if your case is compelling. Otherwise, the lender may proceed. A skilled foreclosure attorney can be advantageous -- they know how to dispute the lender's case best. The judge's ruling results in a Final Summary Judgment, totaling the owed amount, including mortgage, interest, penalties, and court costs.
  • Sale Date Set: If the judge approves for the lender to reclaim the home, a foreclosure sale is scheduled, typically in 30-45 days after judgment. The property is auctioned, and the property must be vacated. 
  • Foreclosure Auction: The property is auctioned to the highest bidder. It becomes a Real Estate Owned (REO) property if it doesn't sell at auction.

Understanding this process is fundamental for Tampa homeowners facing foreclosure. But, remember, there are often opportunities to halt or delay foreclosure.

Exploring Options for Halting Foreclosure

The prospect of foreclosure can be daunting, but there are various strategies to prevent or delay it in Tampa.

  • Bankruptcy: Filing may result in an automatic stay, which halts foreclosure actions for a while. 
  • Loan Modification: Make your mortgage more manageable by negotiating with the lender to change the conditions of the loan.
  • Short Sale: Selling your property for less than the mortgage balance with lender approval can be an effective way to avoid foreclosure.
  • Deed in Lieu: Voluntarily transferring property ownership to the lender can satisfy the debt and prevent foreclosure.
  • Legal Defense: If there are legal deficiencies or violations in the foreclosure process, you can pursue foreclosure defense litigation.

Every homeowner's situation is different, and the best way to prevent or delay foreclosure depends on a number of factors. You can determine the most practical course of action for your particular situation by speaking with an accomplished Tampa foreclosure defense lawyer.

Contact Haynes Law Group for a free consultation with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in Tampa. Reach out online or dial (888) 252-8754.


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