Part 2 of 3: Reasons to Hire a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer Over a Surplus Recovery Business

Last week in Part 1 of this 3 part series, I elaborated on why a homeowner should hire a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer over a Surplus Recovery Business. Specifically, when you hire a Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer you know who is going into court for you. To the contrary, when you hire a third-party asset/surplus recovery business, you are NOT hiring a lawyer. You do not know who is going to court to fight for your funds. This week, I am going to talk about the governing of the Florida Bar and how a lawyer has high standard to follow.

Part 2: Florida Bar Rules

Florida Foreclosure Surplus Attorneys are governed by the rules of the Florida Bar. That means, A Florida lawyer has specific, detailed rules that must be followed and adhered to. On the contrary, when you hire a third-party asset/surplus recovery business, these businesses do not have to follow the Florida Bar Rules. For example, a lawyer is not allowed to call you first to solicit any type of business. On the flip side, these third-party asset recovery companies will call you and even come to your house to try and get a homeowner to assign their rights away. Lawyers simply are not allowed to do that. These third-party asset companies will lie to homeowners and try to scare them into assigning all their rights away under duress. Another example of what an ethical foreclosure surplus law firm is not allowed to do.

Bottom line is that: you cannot trust a third-party company to handle your foreclosure surplus case in an ethical way. As a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Attorney, I pride myself in ethically and aggressively pursuing surplus funds for homeowners. The Florida Bar rules of Professional Conduct require me to act with uprightness and in my client’s best interest. When you assign your rights away to an surplus recovery company, you are NOT the client anymore. In fact, your best interest is out the door at that point.

If you are considering hiring a third-party Florida surplus recovery company, or already have assigned your rights away and regret that decision, call my law firm for a free consultation. As a Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer, I will be able to sum up your case very efficiently.

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