My Mission as a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer: Protect, Guard and Collect

Florida Foreclosure surplus is an area of law many attorneys do not fully understand. Therefore, when borrowers, that have just been foreclosed on, need help with fighting to collect surplus funds, many times misinformation is given. Sometimes this misinformation is given from a lawyer that simply doesn’t have enough experience, or by a third party that is trying to scam the former homeowner into assigning their rights.

Therefore, I thought I would blog about “My Mission” as a leading authority in Florida Foreclosure Surplus funds.

My Mission: Protect, Guard and Collect

Protect-My first job as a Foreclosure Surplus lawyer is to protect the former homeowner’s claim. This comes through the proper filing of motions and affidavits enumerating the necessary information to assert my client’s right to the money. This can be extremely complicated and if not done correctly, the court will not grant the homeowner the surplus.

Guard- Many lawyers will file their motion to disburse funds for the homeowner, but will not look much further or “guard” their claim effectively throughout the process. From the homeowner’s claim to the court sending out the money, it can take several months for this to occur. After I file a claim for surplus funds for a client, I monitor the docket as well as public record to see if another person or entity is going to make a claim. Many times, the more money involved, the more shysters approach. By monitoring the aforementioned I properly guard my client’s claim so that we are not blindsided at the final hearing. This is the most important aspect. Without a proper claim and guard, the homeowner can miss out on a plethora of money.

Collect- Collecting the funds is also important. Through the filing of motions with specific language, sometimes I am able to prompt the court to release the surplus funds to the homeowner faster than normal. Without a foreclosure surplus lawyer strategically pushing to collect, sometimes the clerk can take months and months to finally give the money where it belongs.

I have litigated against second lien holder’s in the form or Bank mortgages, United States mortgages, the municipal government, former homeowners that deeded away their property during the foreclosure, etc. “My Mission” is one that has a proven track record of success.

My advice to former homeowners wanting to collect surplus funds is to speak with a Florida foreclosure surplus law firm and let a skilled and caring lawyer help you. While it may seem straightforward, I have seen many former homeowners miss out on thousands because they thought they could handle it on their own, or they hired a cheap lawyer who gave a cheap service.

Therefore, I make it my mission to do everything that is legally possible to get these surplus funds for the homeowner. This is a burden that a good Florida foreclosure surplus funds attorney will put on themselves, and I for one welcome and enjoy applying my experience and determination to fight all of the obstacles that come with trying to collect Florida foreclosure surplus funds.

Call me today. I will answer personally and give you a free consultation.

If you have a Florida Foreclosure Surplus case and need a Miami Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Broward County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Palm Beach Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Orlando Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Tampa Foreclosure Surplus Funds Lawyer, or a Jacksonville Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Haynes Law Group will represent a homeowner in any county in Florida!

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