The Three Keys of a Successful Orlando Loan Modification Lawyer: First Key

First Key: Communication is King

I give quite a few consultations regarding retention options. Most of the time, the only viable option available to homeowners is to apply for a loan modification. Here and there, I will receive the following statement, “well, can’t I just apply for a modification on my own? I don’t need a lawyer for that.” That is true, you don’t need a lawyer to submit an application. However, having an Orlando loan modification lawyer that has the following keys can make the difference between an approval and a denial of your loan modification application.

Today we talk about the “First Key” we at Haynes Law Group implement in all Orlando loan modifications and that is simply this: “Communication is King!”

Key 1: Communication is King

I recently had a client that had been trying for four years to modify his mortgage. He came to my firm and we were able to get him a modification within 2 weeks. I don’t say this to guarantee that I can get the same outcome for anyone, but I say this to emphasize that what my firm does for homeowners is put them in the best position possible to save their home through loan modification applications.

For this specific client, we lived on the phone and email with the representatives at the bank. When I didn’t like the representative’s attitude, I demanded a manager or higher up to straighten out the situation. My firm will call or email the lender or servicer at least once a week for updates and/or for clarification.

When I represented banks in thousands of foreclosures, I realized that the most persistent and skilled law firms were the ones that got the best results. The key phrase there is persistent and skilled. There is an art to communicating with these lenders, and it is more than just calling and annoying or berating them ten times a day.

However, this isn’t the only communication that matters. We actually require our clients to effectively communicate with us as well. This is a required clause in our fee agreements. We cannot do our jobs, no matter how efficient we are, without the cooperation of each one of our clients.

The first and more important key to a successful outcome in pursuit of a loan modification is skilled and persistent communication. Something my firm thrives and prides itself on. The next two blogs will discuss the second and third keys.

If you are looking for an Orlando loan modification lawyer or an Orlando foreclosure lawyer, please feel free to call us today for a free consultation!

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