Timing is Everything- When is the Best Time to File Your Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds Claim?

I know you have heard the old saying, “Timing is Everything.” Well, this applies to homeowner’s trying to collect their Florida foreclosure surplus funds as well. Not all cases are created equal, which is why having a free consultation with a foreclosure surplus lawyer is extremely wise.

I treat every foreclosure surplus case differently. Whether it is a mortgage foreclosure, or a homeowner’s association foreclosure, this is the first distinction that needs to be made. Second, I determine whether there are any subordinate lien holders, or even superior lien holders that exist. (Yes, I have seen motions to intervene from parties that are not named in the foreclosure action and try to collect as a superior lien holder!). These first two steps will determine when I file a claim for the surplus funds for my client.

For instance, in certain homeowner association foreclosure surplus cases, I have been able to file right away and get the funds for my clients far before the actual 60-day timeline approaches. In other instances, it is wise to wait to file your claim for surplus funds for certain legalities to be cleared up. This is a case by case basis. Therefore, hiring a detail oriented foreclosure surplus lawyer is smart for your foreclosure surplus case.

Most third-party asset recovery companies will file a boiler plate motion as soon as you assign all your rights over to them, which is not a smart technique to proceed with. I have seen these types of actions cost homeowners every dime. Again, before you sign anything with a third party surplus recovery company, speak to an actual surplus lawyer about your case. Timing is essential in surplus cases, so hire someone that is going to effectively represent your surplus claim!

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