How to Pick the Best Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer

Over the last several months, I have blogged consistently on why a former homeowner should choose a top-rated Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer over a surplus recovery company. However, I have not elaborated on how one can pick the best Florida foreclosure surplus attorney. Therefore, this blog will explain four keys in hiring your foreclosure surplus law firm to represent you.

1) Communication: When you first call the foreclosure surplus lawyer, is it difficult to speak with the lawyer and communicate? For instance, at Haynes Law Group, when you call to speak to a Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer you will get me directly (Ben Haynes-Founding Partner). The reason I answer directly is because I know how important thorough communication is when trying to collect your Florida Surplus Funds.

2) Experience: Ask the lawyer how many cases they have handled. Further, ask the Florida foreclosure surplus law firm if they have handled your specific issue before (be thorough). I always tell the potential client if I have handled their specific issue before and exactly how the case went procedurally in winning!

3) Who is the attorney filing the motions and going to court. Most of the time, these bigger law firms will have a senior associate sign up your case and then hand the matter off to a junior associate. Not at our firm. Here, I handle your foreclosure surplus case from start to finish. I will not pass off anything to another lawyer because I know how important each detail of your case is!

4) Likelihood of success. This may be the most important factor. I pride myself on transparency with all my clients. What I do is place homeowners in the best possible situation to win their surplus funds. I explain the procedure and exactly how long the process may take. This is what the best Florida foreclosure surplus lawyers will do!

If you need an experienced Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, whether that is a Miami-Dade Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Surplus Law firm, Orlando Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Tampa Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Clearwater Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Daytona Beach Surplus Lawyer, Palm Beach County Surplus Lawyer, Tavares Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, or a Jacksonville Foreclosure Surplus Attorney, Benjamin Haynes represents homeowners in Florida foreclosure surplus cases all over the State!

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