Is the Bank Trying to Take your Homeowner's Claim for Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds?

No, I’m not talking about the second mortgage. I am talking about the first lien holder that just foreclosed on your property and is now coming back to claim extra fees and costs. I see this happen quite often. That is, the bank gets their final judgment satisfied, but then sees there is a surplus of funds and moves for an “affidavit of costs” or “affidavit of additional fees.”

Now, the bank may be entitled to some interest and additional costs from the foreclosure sale, however, it is key to have a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Law Firm assess your case and make sure the bank is not illegally trying to take more than they are entitled to take.

For example: I have seen situations where the bank has come in to claim their interest from the judgment to the sale date (which is fine if done the right way). However, I have also seen the bank miscalculate their interest amount and claim thousands more than they are entitled to.

Some may think this is not a big deal, but there are actual foreclosure sales that don’t take place until three or four years after the judgment! This means, the bank can try and collect costs, interest, and fees for a long period which can be tens of thousands of dollars out of a homeowner’s foreclosure surplus claim.

Talk with an experienced Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer about protecting your surplus funds claim. Don’t hire a surplus recovery company as they are NOT lawyers. You need a lawyer that knows this area of law and will put you in position to collect your Florida Surplus Funds as fast and efficient as possible.

If you need to consult with an experienced Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, whether that is a Miami Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Surplus Attorney, Broward Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Tampa Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Orlando Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Volusia County Surplus Lawyer, Palm Beach County Surplus Law Firm, Lake County Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, West Palm Beach Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, or a Jacksonville Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Experienced Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer Benjamin Haynes represents homeowners in Florida foreclosure surplus cases all over the State!

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