The Biggest Problem for Homeowners Trying to Collect Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds: Inexperienced Representation

These blogs help hundreds of former homeowners in their pursuit of Florida foreclosure surplus funds. Unfortunately, there will continue to be people that hire third party asset recovery companies and inexperienced lawyers. With that decision often comes conclusions that result in the homeowner getting paid nothing, when they could have had everything. This week, the above once again came to pass when a former homeowner hired a clearly inexperienced foreclosure surplus attorney.

In this case, I consulted with a gentleman that had surplus funds pending with the Court. There were several other subordinate lien holders, but procedurally, none of those lien holders should have been able to make a claim. After the consult, it was clear that the former homeowner was looking for someone that would-be dirt cheap. (Remember, I only charge these on contingency and get paid a percentage when/if I win). That’s exactly what happened. An attorney entered an appearance and filed a very vague, uninformative and boiler plate motion.

This case should have been a slam dunk, but the attorney’s motion was clearly lacking many legal and factual details that could have avoided specific issues. Just today, one of the lien holders came forward and filed a claim for the surplus funds. Due to this filing, and the lack of execution from counsel, this homeowner will lose over 75% of his surplus funds. It is such a shame.

Many companies and lawyers think they know surplus law, and claim it is very simple and straight forward. Let me assure you, it is not. Foreclosure surplus in Florida is a legal area that has very vague laws (left up to interpretation) as well as a procedural element that can “make or break” a homeowner’s surplus funds.

Hire an experienced foreclosure surplus law firm. If you hire me, I will take your case purely on contingency. You will not have to pay me anything unless I win, and I will sum up your case extremely efficiently and will be transparent about your chances of winning money.

Call me today for a free consultation!

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