Why Homeowners Should Hire a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer

Recently, I was contacted by a former homeowner that had a foreclosure surplus case in Pinellas County. She was extremely informed as I could tell she had researched Florida Statute 45.031 and 45.032 thoroughly. Yet, she had a major dilemma only days ahead as a court hearing was set.

Unfortunately, the world of foreclosure surplus recovery in Florida is full of corruption. I am not just talking about the third party surplus recover companies. I am talking about lawyers as well. I have seen too many lawyers misrepresent the law in court. I am not just talking about arguing their weak position, I am talking about literally misinforming the court of what the law is.

I have often explained that surplus law in Florida is far from clear. It is one of the most vague and open ended areas of law in Florida. Therefore, many judges need help interpreting the law the way case law and Florida legislation intends.

In this specific case, a lawyer for a third party purchaser severally misinterpreted the law to the judge. Because the homeowner was pro se, she really didn’t know how to defend her position properly, even though her position should ultimately win. Yet, the judge had been persuaded by this lawyer’s equitable argument.

We were hired to come in a clean up the situation.

Two things I tell people: 1) always bring a court reporter if there is opposition. This will make sure there is a record of the court hearing and make sure everyone “toes the line” according to Florida law; and 2) hire someone that knows this law. Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars in surplus because you’re trying to save a few pennies. If you were sick, would you self-diagnose or go see a doctor? Likewise, hire a top Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer.

Call me today. I will personally answer and give you a free consultation. If you hire me, you don’t have to pay me anything up front, but only if I win the case and collect the funds for you!

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