Why a Florida Former Homeowner Should Never Hire a Surplus Recovery Company to Collect Surplus Funds

As soon as your foreclosure sale goes through, you will start receiving calls, text messages and even people showing up at your door. These people are associated with surplus recovery companies, asset recovery companies, or other third party companies. Their goal is to have you assign away your rights to your surplus funds. Below are a few reasons why this is a very bad idea for you:

  1. Non-Lawyers

These companies are not lawyers. They often tell former homeowners that they have “in-house” lawyers. They don’t. They outsource and refer the case to a lawyer that they choose, not you. The BIGGEST issue with them being non-lawyers is this, what happens if they take all the money and dissolve their business? Good luck finding them. Good luck getting your money back. And, oh yes, I have seen this happen a few times in Florida. If you hire a surplus recovery lawyer, they are governed by the rules of ethics under the Florida Bar. A lawyer can’t run away with your money.

  1. 12% sounds good

12% is the most a foreclosure surplus recovery company is allowed to collect. That sounds like a good deal to most! Yet, a former homeowner doesn’t understand that most of the time, these companies fail in collecting surplus funds. I have seen a homeowner assign away their rights to these companies, only to hire me a year later to come in and collect the funds. It’s frustrating to me as an experienced Florida surplus funds lawyer because collecting surplus funds is generally not straight forward. Yet, surplus funds collection being easy is a common misconception which these companies try to push on homeowners.

  1. Timing and Volume

It is ALL about volume for these surplus recovery companies. Once they have you signed up, they often will sit on your case for months and months. This is because they are only allowed to collect 12% per Florida Statute 45.033(3)(e). Therefore, they want to sign up as many cases as possible. Don’t be another casualty of a surplus recovery company.

I suggest your hire your OWN lawyer. Don’t assign away your rights and let the surplus recovery company hire a lawyer to represent them, and not you. Because I can assure you of this, their lawyer is NOT looking out for your best interest. I have many cases to prove that statement.

Call a top Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer today. I have handled hundreds of surplus cases all over the State. I will give you a free consultation and if you hire me I represent YOU. I also will take your case on a contingency. This means I only get paid if I win AND collect for you.

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