"Surplus Funds Recovery" in Florida The Do's and Don'ts to Winning Your Funds

“Surplus Funds Recovery” in Florida

The Do’s and Don’ts to Winning Your Funds

There are several things that one can do to place themselves in position to collect surplus funds. There are also several detrimental things one can do to put themselves in position to lose those funds. Therefore, as a foreclosure surplus lawyer that has seen pretty much any foreclosure surplus situation one can imagine, here are some of “Ben Haynes Surplus Recovery Do’s and Don’ts”:


Don’t assign away your rights to a surplus recovery company. I have reported on these third-party companies that will hound you and request you give up your rights. They are not lawyers. Therefore, they are not regulated by the Florida Bar of ethics, like us attorneys are. I have seen these companies forge documents, change their legal names, and start the fraud process all over again. It’s truly disgusting. Don’t hire a non-lawyer representative, that can disappear with your funds only to never be found again.


Consult with a Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer, like myself. I have handled literally thousands of foreclosure cases. I understand the procedure and how the process will play out. I have also litigated some of the most complex foreclosure surplus cases in the State of Florida. I blog constantly to keep the public informed of what is occurring in the surplus world. I will give anybody a free consultation regarding surplus funds recovery.


Don’t think that surplus recovery funds are “straight forward” or “easy”. This outlook often leads to people losing their funds. I cannot tell you how many times a case looks straightforward that suddenly becomes a surplus litigation nightmare. While I can handle any surplus situation, many third-party companies or lawyers with a lack of experience simply cannot. Take surplus funds seriously and prepare for a surplus litigation “war.”


Act fast. Timing is one of the most important elements of Florida surplus recovery money. Don’t delay contacting our foreclosure surplus law firm today. Even if you are just one day late, you can miss out on thousands of dollars.

I will give you a free consultation. If you hire me, I will not get paid unless I win and collect for you!

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