Loan Modification Post Hurricane Irma Forbearance

Since Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September of 2017, many homeowners were called by their lenders and asked if they would like to be put on a “forbearance”. Essentially, a forbearance can potentially push off your mortgage payments for a certain period of time. Once that time period is up, many Florida homeowners thought they would be able to start making their regular monthly payments. Yet, most lenders required the entire amount from when the forbearance began. This has led to many foreclosure cases. So, what can a homeowner do to save their home? Read on.

I have handled thousands of foreclosure cases. I have seen many lawyers focus all of their efforts on trying to prove the bank did something wrong. Sometimes they are able to prove that and get the case dismissed. Yet, the bank comes back again because they are able to. This is why our law firm has established itself as focusing on long term problem solving. We defend the foreclosure case in court, but we focus on pushing loan modifications through. If we are able to get a modification granted, the homeowner keeps their home, long term.

Many homeowners are confused because a representative of the bank misinformed them, or didn’t full explain, what a forbearance would actually do. I empathize with Florida homeowners over this issue. Yet, a homeowner must move forward and aggressively pursue various options if they are trying to keep their home.

When I give a consultation, I review the finances thoroughly, as well as where the homeowner is at in their foreclosure case. We do not take cases where I don’t genuinely believe we can help save the home. Once I review the file, I can determine precisely what action we need to take to get the homeowner the BEST opportunity to save their home.

If you are in foreclosure because of Hurricane Irma, or you are in foreclosure for another hardship reason, call me today. I will give you a free consultation!

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