Florida Surplus Funds Blog: Should I Hire a Foreclosure Surplus Funds Attorney?

Great question! Should you? Yes. Are you required to? No. But, here is a list of reasons why you should hire a top foreclosure surplus recovery lawyer to represent you in the surplus funds case:

  1. Experience

This point is not only experience with collecting foreclosure surplus funds. Yes, I have collected over $1,000,000.00 for homeowners in Florida. Yet, I have handled thousands of foreclosure cases. This means I have extensive experience in Florida civil procedure. Florida Statute 45.032 and Florida Statute 45.033 govern foreclosure surplus funds. I have won MANY cases in Florida based upon my knowledge of procedure, not just surplus law.

  1. Stakes are high

Let’s face it. The stakes are high when dealing with foreclosure surplus funds. If you win, you collect. If you don’t, you get nothing. I have seen many people in Florida try to handle collecting foreclosure surplus funds themselves, and fail. Having a seasoned foreclosure surplus lawyer can make all of the difference. This is why I charge a contingency fee on all of my Florida surplus litigation cases. That means, the former owner is not out of pocket any money and will only pay me if I win and collect funds for them!

  1. Unexpected events

Often, clerks of the court will inform the former owner they don’t need a lawyer and they can just fill out a form to collect their funds. This drives me crazy. 95% of surplus funds cases will have some road block occur before the actual final hearing date. Whether it’s another party trying to claim funds, or a non-party trying to nose their way to some of that money. It is very rare that collecting these surplus funds is a clear path. Yet, the perception is that collecting these funds is easy, which is false.

If you represent yourself, or worse, assign away your rights to a third party asset recovery company, there is a strong chance you will not know what to do when that road block occurs. I have seen any situation fathomable in the surplus world (I have stories for days)!

If you want to collect surplus money, hire a foreclosure surplus lawyer. I won’t get paid unless I collect for you.

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