Florida Tax Deed Sales Surplus Statutes and What You Need to Know

Many questions arise when it comes to a Tax Deed sale of a home. If your home or the home of a deceased family member has been sold at a Tax Deed Sale, you may be entitled to surplus funds from that sale. Only a Qualified Florida tax deed surplus Attorney should be consulted when claiming these surplus funds because the statute governing Tax Deed Sales has recently been clarified and this new statute must be followed to the letter. Many surplus companies will tell you they can get the funds you are owed, but do not understand or care that the statute has changed within the last year because they are not attorneys, and do not consult with attorneys.

Florida Statute 197.582 (3), states in part that any potential lienholder is required to file a claim with the clerk for the surplus proceeds within 120 days from the date on the notice from the Clerk. Florida Statute 197.582 (5) further clarifies this and states in part that if a person, other than the property owner, fails to file such a claim in a timely manner, they are barred from receiving any disbursement of the surplus funds. Florida Statue 197.582 (4) lays out very specific ways that someone can make a claim to the surplus funds and if this has not been followed to the letter of the law, it acts as a waiver of interest to those funds.

This means that any subordinate lien holder who files their claim on the 121st day or has not adhered the methods of claiming, their claim will be denied by the Clerk. Many surplus companies out there who claim they can get you the surplus you are owed may not understand this and will simply let any other claimant “take their cut” and will not fight it in court. We here at the Haynes Law Group will fight for every penny you deserve and will make sure any other potential subordinate lien holders are held to the letter of the law.

Now that the law has been clarified, it is important to contact a qualified Attorney to protect your rights to your Tax Deed Sale Surplus Funds. The Haynes Law Group has handled dozens of these Tax Deed Surplus pleadings. If you are a former homeowner or the heir of a former homeowner whose home was sold at a Tax Deed Auction, contact us today for a free consultation. We only get paid if we win and collect for you!

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