How a Former Owner Should Respond Once they Receive a Text Message or Call from a Surplus Funds Recovery Company

Today, I had a call for a foreclosure surplus fund consultation. This woman had a foreclosure surplus case in Pinellas County. She was extremely frightened because of how third-party companies were literally stalking her. This poor woman had received a text message, to her private cell phone number, only 90 minutes after her foreclosure sale.

As a leading lawyer in foreclosure surplus recovery, my biggest piece of advice is to not respond to the surplus companies that are calling and texting you. Instead, contact a lawyer yourself to look into collecting surplus funds. One thing I can assure you, the people contacting you are NOT lawyers. Florida surplus lawyers are not allowed to contact a former owner through the phone directly. In fact, if an attorney is going to contact you directly, it will have to be through direct mail/approved social media.

Often, that is exactly what happens with many people. They are alerted by a third party surplus recovery company that there is a surplus of funds. The next step, that is wise, is they contact my law firm to get a free consultation. I have collected over a million dollars in Florida foreclosure surplus funds for families.

Did you know I use to represent banks in foreclosures? I now only represent homeowners in foreclosure and surplus cases. I have done thousands and thousands of cases in Florida. Have a foreclosure surplus attorney look at your case before you make a mistake of assigning away your rights. Never, ever, assign away your foreclosure surplus rights to a third party.

Call me. I would love to give you a free Florida foreclosure surplus consultation!

If you are looking for a Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer, I would be happy to give you a free consultation. If you hire me, I will only get paid if I WIN and COLLECT you. (Contingency agreements only!)

If you need a Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Haynes Law Group will represent a homeowner in any county in Florida!

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