The Aggressive Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds Collection Lawyer

Over the last 16 months, I have written over 33 (now 34) foreclosure surplus blogs. Each blog is to inform former owners in the State of Florida of their rights in Florida foreclosure surplus cases. Many of the blogs are written from my experience litigating various surplus issues all over this beautiful State.

Out of the plethora of foreclosure surplus cases I have handled, one thing I have found to be true is an aggressive Florida foreclosure surplus funds lawyer can make all the difference between winning surplus funds in abundance and quickly, and walking away with nothing. Many lawyers will claim to be aggressive, but being aggressive in the surplus context is formulating a plan from the very start and executing that plan. Yet, many times in a foreclosure surplus case, there will be unforeseen obstacles that occur. This is where an experienced surplus collection attorney will know exactly what to do and when.

For instance, last week a second mortgage filed a motion to disburse surplus funds in one of my Pinellas County foreclosure surplus cases. As soon as I read the motion, I was able to pick it apart. The next day, I sent a proposed motion to strike with a 57.105 letter to opposing counsel. The day after my correspondence, the second mortgage withdrew their Motion. This saved the homeowner over six figures in the surplus case.

Don’t take the risk of hiring a foreclosure surplus lawyer who claims they know what they are doing yet doesn’t have a proven track record. Even truer, do not assign away your surplus funds rights to one of those asset recover companies. They are not lawyers. Instead, do your research and hire an aggressive and experienced Florida foreclosure surplus funds lawyer. Ask specific questions so that you can try your best to judge who you are hiring.

I take all my surplus cases on contingency. That means, I only get paid if I win and collect for you. Call me today and I’ll give you a free consultation regarding your surplus case.

Whether you need a Miami foreclosure surplus lawyer, Fort Lauderdale foreclosure surplus lawyer, Broward County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Miami-Dade County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Palm Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Brevard County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Pinellas County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Tampa foreclosure surplus lawyer, Clearwater beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Orange County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Mount Dora foreclosure surplus lawyer, Dade city foreclosure surplus lawyer, Lake county foreclosure surplus lawyer, Tavares foreclosure surplus lawyer, Deland foreclosure surplus lawyer, Jacksonville foreclosure surplus lawyer, Saint Augustine foreclosure surplus lawyer, Sarasota foreclosure surplus attorney, Fort Myers foreclosure surplus lawyer, West Palm Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Destin foreclosure surplus Lawyer, Indian hills foreclosure surplus lawyer, Orlando foreclosure surplus lawyers, or a Volusia county foreclosure surplus attorney, we will represent parties in any county in the state of Florida!

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