How to Save Your Home from Foreclosure with a Florida Loan Modification

As a Florida foreclosure and loan modification lawyer that has handled thousands of cases in Florida, I am often asked, “what can I do to save my home from foreclosure?” This question is often asked in an anxious state as the threat of foreclosure is never a settling feeling for a homeowner.

I am here to comfort that anxious homeowner by letting you know you have options to fight to save your home.

Two main options are reinstating the loan and paying off the mortgage. However, this generally requires a substantial amount of money upfront that less than 1% of families can afford.

The most common and reasonable option for retention is applying for a loan modification on your home. That is, modifying your existing mortgage to get a payment at an affordable monthly rate. The great news about loan modifications, is you don’t generally have to pay a substantial amount of money upfront. Many loan modifications just require you to start making monthly payments at your new monthly rate.

I have had clients that have not paid a mortgage in 4 or 5 years that we were able to modify their mortgage payments paying less than they paid when they were current! Think about that, this homeowner was able to keep their home without having to pay a mortgage payment for half a decade.

If you are wanting to try and save your home from foreclosure, a loan modification may be the most reasonable and efficient method.

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