The Best Way for you to Collect Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds

I receive numerous calls throughout the week from people all over the State of Florida asking questions about their Florida surplus funds. Homeowners are scared and unsure of how they should move forward. Most of these people are contacted by the “third party” asset recovery businesses hounding them to sign away their rights. (Hint: don’t do it).

First, these third-party companies are NOT lawyers. Second, you are NOT required to assign your rights away in these cases. I would advise not to, every single time. Instead, hire a Florida foreclosure surplus law firm to represent your rights.

The “Best” way to collect your surplus funds, is to formalize a plan from the first consultation. Having handled thousands of foreclosures in Florida, I understand how civil procedure comes into play with the timing and precision of making your claim. Not all claims are the same, and therefore, you need a dynamic approach to your surplus funds case. Not a “standard” motion and affidavit that 99% of inexperienced companies file.

Ask yourself, what makes more sense, hiring a Florida Foreclosure Surplus lawyer that has handled thousands of foreclosure cases? Or assigning away your rights to a company that is not regulated by the Florida Bar and are not attorneys? This should be a no brainer for most.

Ben’s Quick Thought: Please do not lose your foreclosure surplus funds because you hired a non-lawyer, or a lawyer with a lack of true experience. It is not worth it. I can’t tell you how sad and disappointing it is to see, often, when homeowners have surplus cases which have been extremely mishandled.

As the founding partner at Haynes Law Group, it is my ultimate desire to help homeowners receive 1) as much surplus funds as possible; and 2) as fast as possible. It is paramount to collect surplus funds so homeowners can move on with their lives after the devastation of a foreclosure. We here understand that.

To help homeowners, I don’t require ANY money down. Further, I only get paid if I collect the funds for you. Call me now, I will personally answer and give you a free consultation.

Whether you need a Miami foreclosure surplus lawyer, Fort Lauderdale foreclosure surplus lawyer, Broward County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Miami-Dade County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Palm Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Brevard County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Pinellas County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Tampa foreclosure surplus lawyer, Clearwater beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Orange County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Mount Dora foreclosure surplus lawyer, Dade city foreclosure surplus lawyer, Lake county foreclosure surplus lawyer, Tavares foreclosure surplus lawyer, Deland foreclosure surplus lawyer, Jacksonville foreclosure surplus lawyer, Saint Augustine foreclosure surplus lawyer, Sarasota foreclosure surplus attorney, Fort Myers foreclosure surplus lawyer, West Palm Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Destin foreclosure surplus Lawyer, Indian hills foreclosure surplus lawyer, Orlando foreclosure surplus lawyers, or a Volusia county foreclosure surplus attorney, we will represent parties in any county in the state of Florida!

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