How I Won a Family Over $110,000.00 in Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds

If you know how Florida foreclosure surplus funds work, you know that any subordinate lien holder has 60 days from the day of sale to file a claim for the surplus funds. When that 60-day clock starts is up to interpretation in various Appellate courts in Florida.

I recently represented heirs in a foreclosure surplus case in Pinellas County. There was nearly $114,000.00 in foreclosure surplus funds with four subordinate lien holders outstanding. Two of the lien holders were mortgages, one a code lien and the other an HOA lien. Two of the four lien holders had attorneys already representing them in the case.

When a subordinate lien holder is a mortgage, many times that mortgage will wipe out the entire amount of any surplus funds. Further, a city lien is also very tough to overcome.

In this instant case, the subordinate mortgage made a claim for the surplus funds for over $160,000.00. The code lien also made a claim for the surplus funds for over $85,000.00. To many inexperienced lawyers, this would have been the end of it for the heirs.

Through my extensive foreclosure surplus experience, I was able to litigate and negotiate with the City and they only received a few thousand dollars. Next, through a stern demand letter citing applicable case law and Florida Statutes, the second mortgage withdrew their claim which was insufficient. This was a HUGE win as the second mortgage would have wiped out all the funds.

Therefore, the heirs receive over $110,000.00! This is life changing money for anyone. I am happy that these heirs chose our law firm to help them navigate through the foreclosure surplus case. If they would have assigned their rights to a third-party company or hired an inexperienced lawyer, they most likely would have ended up with nothing.

It is an honor to help families all over the State of Florida collect surplus funds! I take all Florida foreclosure surplus cases on contingency, which means I only get paid if I win. You are not out of pocket any money.

Call me now for a free consultation. I will personally answer and sum up your case with a strategy to put you in a position to win.

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