Collecting Your Foreclosure Surplus Funds: The Most Important Key

Out of the dozens of foreclosure surplus cases I have litigated in Florida this year, the most important key to a successful collection of surplus funds comes down to one word:


No, I am not just talking about the “60 day” time frame from the day of the sale. (Although that is important!). I am referring to timing in general. Let me give you an example of questions that should be answered by an experienced Florida foreclosure surplus funds lawyer:

1) When is the best time for me to make my claim for surplus funds?

2) Should I wait until the 60-day time limit is up to claim funds?

3) If there are other lien holders, when should I file a Motion in Opposition to their surplus claims, if at all?

4) When is the BEST time to set a foreclosure surplus motion for an evidentiary hearing?

5) What is the fastest you can receive the surplus funds, if at all?

These are timing issues that play an essential role in summing up your foreclosure surplus case. In fact, 2017 was a year I won and collected surplus funds for many people that most likely should not have collected. Most of these wins were because of my experience knowing these timing issues above.

If you have a foreclosure surplus case in Florida, call me now for a free consultation. I take these cases only on contingency, which means I don’t get paid unless I win and collect for you!

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