Three Major Florida Foreclosure Surplus Tips for the Holidays!

First off, I hope that everyone reading this blog enjoys time with their families and friends during this season.

Starting around Thanksgiving and going through the New Year, the Florida courts really slow down. That doesn’t mean that procedural deadlines change, however.

1) Hearings dates are hard to come by.

Getting a hearing with the Court during these times can be extremely difficult. However, there are times you can get a Florida Judge to sign an order in his or her chambers without the necessity for a hearing date! Check with an experienced Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer to see if you qualify.

2) Subordinate lien holders

Many subordinate lien holders are big institutions (banks, governmental, etc.), yet the 60-day deadline for them to file their claim is not tolled during these holidays. Further, legally speaking, the Court has no authority to extend this 60-day time frame. If you have any subordinate lien holders on your surplus case, contact a Florida foreclosure surplus collection law firm today! Getting a strategy early on is important.

3) Get your funds-fast!

I am amazed at how slow some attorneys and third party surplus collection companies are at collecting surplus funds! This generally occurs because many of these companies and attorneys have so many cases, they simply do not have the time to aggressively pursue the funds. Other times they do not have the experience or knowledge to get the funds fast.

If you have a foreclosure surplus funds case in Florida, call me today. I will personally answer the phone and give you a free consultation!

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