Hurricane Irma, FEMA, and Foreclosure in Florida for 2018

First off, Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. It is such a pleasure to serve and fight for homeowners in this beautiful state.

Since Hurricane Irma hit Florida earlier this year in September, foreclosure complaints and foreclosure auction dates have been vastly suspended. Many of the motions to cancel sales filed by the lenders indicate that the FEMA hold they have will be lifted in December 2017. Therefore, as we approach the beginning of 2018, I have a few thoughts for homeowners in Florida.

1) Prepare for your foreclosure sale.

If you have a foreclosure sale and believe that there is a chance after the foreclosure auction there could be money left over, contact our foreclosure surplus lawyer BEFORE the sale. This will put you in the best possible situation to collect money after the bank has been paid off from the sale.

2) The Complaint is coming.

If you are 3-4 months behind on your mortgage payments, but have not received a foreclosure complaint yet, prepare yourself. The Complaint is coming. Irma has slowed down new foreclosure cases significantly in Florida. In fact, since September, it is fair to say that foreclosure cases have decreased by 60-70%.

I recently spoke with a prominent bank foreclosure attorney in Florida. She stated, “I would think the filings would pick up by February allowing for prep during January. The plaintiff firms should be biting at the bit to get moving because they have had large fee losses for the last couple months.”

Plaintiff foreclosure firms are struggling because Irma has slowed them down for four months. This means that the 1st quarter of 2018, the flood gates of Florida foreclosures will occur.

3. Have a plan.

Don’t wait until you are served with a foreclosure case to act. Call an experienced Florida foreclosure defense lawyer to find out what options you have. Here at Haynes Law Group, we focus on loss mitigation. Meaning, we will try to get a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, or other retention options for homeowners while also defending the foreclosure case.

With my experience of handling thousands of foreclosure cases, I felt obligated to write this blog in hopes that Florida homeowners behind on their mortgage will make adequate preparations for 2018.

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