True Stories of Foreclosure Surplus Recovery Businesses Episode 1

Episode 1: The Homeowner that Almost Lost $50,000.00 in Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds

I’ve received several calls over the last few months from former homeowners that all say the same thing, “I was called by an asset recovery business and they want me to assign my rights away for surplus funds. But I thought it sounded shady so I googled the issue and found your blogs!” This is music to my ears because my sole purpose of publishing these blogs is to protect homeowners from shady third party surplus recovery companies.

If you have not had a chance to read my blogs regarding such, here are links to the Three-Part series entitled, “Reasons to Hire a Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer Over a Surplus Recovery Business”:

Due to all the wonderful feedback regarding my blogs, I deem it necessary to share real stories regarding homeowners that have contacted me and shared their specific facts. So, this is Episode 1, with many more to follow.

I was recently contacted by a former homeowner that had Broward County Foreclosure Surplus Funds in excess of $52,000.00. She received a phone call from a Fort Lauderdale Surplus Recovery Company, that told her they would pay her money up front if she assigned her rights to the company. This specific company offered her $2,500.00 up front in exchange for a full assignment of her rights.

This woman stated, “at first, I thought $2,500 is better than no money at all.” She then elaborated that is seemed a little fishy that this company was trying to aggressively get her to quickly sign away her rights. So, this former homeowner did the wise thing and googled the issue of third party surplus recovery companies. Much to her liking, she came across my blogs. She then called me and we discussed her case and the MAJOR flaws with assigning her rights to this company. We also discussed the legal intricateness of her case and how her specific case required actual attorney analysis, and not a boiler plate affidavit from a surplus company.

Thankfully, this homeowner did not yet assign her rights to any company before contacting me. She hired my law firm and now she is setup to collect the FULL amount of the surplus funds, being over $50,000.00.

If you have been called or contacted by one of these third-party asset recovery companies, please do not assign your rights before speaking with a prominent Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer. It may save you over $50,000.00 like the homeowner above.

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