California Foreclosure Surplus

Facing a foreclosure is never easy, but when the bank sells your home, it can feel like you’ve
lost everything. However, you may still be entitled to surplus funds.
If your California home was sold by a trustee in a foreclosure sale, you may still claim any excess
or surplus funds from the sale. When the property sells for more than what is owed on a
mortgage loan, the remaining funds are called surplus funds.
If you received a letter, or notice, from a foreclosure trustee notifying you about surplus funds,
you may have a right to claim those surplus funds as the owner. You may be required to
present proof to support your claim, and a California foreclosure surplus attorney can help you
make your claim.
The claim must comply with California Statutory requirements, and must be made in time, so
do not delay in making your claim. Call my firm today for a free consultation on your specific
case, and to determine if you are entitled to recover foreclosure surplus funds. We offer free
California Surplus case evaluations, and our attorney’s do not get paid unless you do.
Our firm handles California Foreclosure Surplus claims, and can help you get your funds fast.
Call toll free today for a free consultation (888) 252-8754.

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