Surplus Funds Collection Lawyer: Homeowners Beware of Non-Lawyers

Vultures. That is the only way to describe 90% of the surplus recovery companies in the State of Florida. The stories that I come across on a weekly basis are daunting and scary. Hence, the reason I write these blogs is in hopes that people will read them before signing away their rights to one of these companies (which I am finding many Floridians are finding these blogs and making the right decision to hire their own surplus funds lawyer.)

I handle foreclosure surplus collection cases all over the State of Florida. Whether that is a tax deed surplus recovery or mortgage surplus funds recovery case. Yet, when I am giving a consultation, my advice is always to hire a foreclosure surplus lawyer, whether that be myself or another lawyer.

Now, there are not a lot of lawyers in this State that are well versed in surplus funds law. At this point, I have seen pretty much every situation that exists in surplus cases across the State of Florida. Out of all the surplus litigation I have experienced, the common denominator of most of the problems doesn’t come from other lien holders, or the court, but it comes from people assigning their rights away to non-lawyers, that is, third-party asset recovery companies.

First off, these companies are NOT governed by the Florida Bar. Which means, they have no ethical code that they must govern their business by. I have heard stories from clients that tell me surplus companies have literally thrown papers over a fence and yelled out “sign that and throw it back over!” Ridiculous. Showing up on people’s door steps, harassing phone calls and text messages. It’s never ending. Worse off, they are non-lawyers. They continually give out legal advice which 1) they are not allowed to under Florida law (unlicensed practice of law); and 2) they are not sure of what they are talking about because they are not practicing attorneys.

Do yourself a favor. Pick a Florida surplus collection lawyer to represent your surplus funds rights. Don’t assign away your rights to a shady, fly by night company. You will be glad you didn’t.

I represent surplus cases on a contingency basis. Meaning, I only get paid if I win. No money out of pocket for my clients.

Call me today. I have handled thousands of foreclosure cases in Florida, and therefore I know how this procedure works better than most. I will give you a free consultation!

Whether you are looking for an Orlando surplus collection lawyer, Palm Beach surplus collection lawyer, Tampa surplus collection lawyer, Pasco County surplus collection lawyer, Jacksonville Florida surplus collection lawyer, Walton beach surplus collection lawyer, Daytona beach surplus collection lawyer, Miami surplus collection lawyer, Fort Lauderdale surplus collection lawyer, Sarasota surplus collection lawyer, Fort Myers beach surplus collection lawyer, Miami Beach surplus collection lawyer, West Palm Beach surplus collection lawyer, Kissimmee surplus collection lawyer, Lakeland surplus collection lawyer, Clearwater surplus collection lawyer, Lake Mary surplus collection lawyer, or a Pinellas County surplus collection lawyer, we will represent parties in any county in the state of Florida!

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