Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds: Knowing Your Surplus Rights

Many people know that my main message through these blogs are for people to not assign away their rights to a surplus recovery company, but hire a lawyer instead. Interestingly enough, I often have surplus companies calling me asking if I will represent their business in collecting. I have declined every single offer.

On Friday, I received a call from a surplus company that was looking at retaining me. Throughout our conversation, this business representative explained they were trying to get people to hire them without assigning away their rights. I explained to him that this was not ethical or legal. I reiterated that a surplus company is not allowed, legally, to take more than 12%. His response was that they needed to take more than that or it wasn’t worth it. This was a person that stated he had been doing this for years.

I politely told this gentleman what he was doing was not right or legal, and that I would never represent his company. This just furthers my concern for people who assign away their rights for many reasons.

First, there are attorneys that will work with these types of businesses. This is because many attorneys are just desperate for whatever surplus cases they can take. However, representing a company like this is not ethical and violates many rules. Further, the type of lawyer that takes a case like this is usually an attorney that lacks skill.

Second, people are obviously assigning away their rights to these types of companies. It is my desire for homeowners to learn what their foreclosure surplus rights are and make an educated decision. For instance, find and hire your own Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer. Don’t assign away your rights, but pick a lawyer to represent your rights and file an owner’s claim for foreclosure surplus.

If you are contemplating assigning away your rights, please call me for a free consultation. I will advise you on your case and what the best route for you to take is!

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