Hiring a Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer: The Three Essential Factors

When a former homeowner is looking to hire representation to go after their owner’s claim for foreclosure surplus funds, there are some essential factors that one should consider.

First Factor:

Do you want someone representing your interest, or do you want to assign away your rights to another entity?

This seems like a rhetorical question, yet, it is all too common that people are assigning their rights to another entity. Did you know that these foreclosure surplus asset recovery companies that are contacting you are not lawyers? They cannot go to court for you. In fact, when you sign the agreement with these companies, you are assigning away your rights in the case. DON’T DO THIS.

Instead, go find a lawyer to represent your own interest in court. When you hire a Florida foreclosure surplus attorney, you are not giving away your standing. You are hiring a lawyer as an agent for your benefit, to act in YOUR best interest.

Don’t assign away your rights. Hire a surplus lawyer of your choosing.

Second Factor:

Who will go to court for me?

When you hire a law firm or a third-party company, most people are not sure who will be going to court on their behalf. However, for example, when I am hired by a former homeowner or heir to go after surplus funds, I am the attorney that files the motions and affidavits and attends the court hearings.

This is important because if you have someone representing your interest that doesn’t know Florida foreclosure surplus law very well, you may lose your entire amount of the surplus funds when they go to court for you.

Third Factor:

How fast can my representative get the funds?

Asking your representative how fast the funds can be retained, if at all, is an important question to ask. Ask specifically, too, because every county in Florida is different with regards to how fast funds can be obtained. For instance, Hillsborough county has a system that generally takes longer than most counties. Yet, surrounding counties have shown a quicker pace in getting funds disbursed. Ask about the procedure of why the funds will take the time they are projecting. This will demonstrate further knowledge of how inversed in surplus law your attorney is.

Hire a Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer that checks off all three essentials.

Let me give you a free consultation today. I don’t get paid, unless you do!

Whether you need a Miami foreclosure surplus lawyer, Fort Lauderdale foreclosure surplus lawyer, Palm Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Tampa foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Pasco County foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Osceola foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Brevard County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Lake county foreclosure surplus lawyer, Duval County foreclosure surplus lawyer, North Miami Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Jacksonville foreclosure surplus lawyer, Lee County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Sarasota foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Marion County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Fort Myers foreclosure surplus Lawyer, Indian hills foreclosure surplus lawyer, Orlando foreclosure surplus lawyer, or Orange county foreclosure surplus attorney, we will represent parties in any county in the state of Florida!

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