The Strategic Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds Lawyer

One of my favorite parts about being a foreclosure surplus lawyer is the strategy. When I sit down and have a consultation with a former homeowner regarding their surplus funds, I formulate a plan to put them in the best position possible to win their foreclosure surplus money.

The first thing I advise homeowners on is to never assign away their rights to an asset recovery company. Simply put, “Why assign all of your rights away when you can hire a lawyer to actually represent your rights!” Second, I pull up the case docket and look through a variety of factors, including: 1) when did the “sale” occur? 2) how many, and what kind, of subordinate lien holders exist? and 3) are there any other parties that may make a claim (other owners/Plaintiff)? These factors help determine the course of strategy in a surplus case.

Most lawyers and/or third party companies will simply have you sign an agreement and then they will file a boiler plate motion. That’s not how we work here at Haynes Law Group. We make sure to put homeowners in the best position possible to collect the full amount of their funds.

For example, I had a case last week in Hillsborough County where a subordinate lien holder held a $50,000.00 mortgage. However, they filed a motion for surplus funds that I deemed to be procedurally inaccurate. I was able to keep the second mortgage from collecting and my clients won their surplus funds.

Another example, I had a homeowner association foreclosure surplus case in Pasco County a few weeks ago. Within a week of the sale, I was able to get the former homeowners an order giving them the entire amount of the surplus funds! Even though there were no other subordinate lien holders, getting the money 2-3 months faster for the homeowners was a big win!

Hire a Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer that will strategically go after your funds, I assure you, it makes a difference.

Let me give you a free consultation today. I don’t get paid, unless you do!

Whether you need a Miami foreclosure surplus lawyer, Fort Lauderdale foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Palm Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Tampa foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Pasco County foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Osceola foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Brevard County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Lake county foreclosure surplus lawyer, Duval County foreclosure surplus lawyer, North Miami Beach foreclosure surplus lawyer, Jacksonville foreclosure surplus lawyer, Lee County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Sarasota foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, Marion County foreclosure surplus lawyer, Fort Myers foreclosure surplus Lawyer, Indian hills foreclosure surplus lawyer, Orlando foreclosure surplus lawyer, or Orange county foreclosure surplus attorney, we will represent parties in any county in the state of Florida!

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