Florida Tax Deed Surplus Funds: Why You Need to Consult a Lawyer

90 % of my blogs are about Florida mortgage foreclosure surplus funds. The reason I often blog about the mortgage foreclosure surplus funds is because of how often I see homeowners being taken advantage of by a bad lawyer, misinformation, or asset recovery companies. Yet, did you know that there is even less regulation (via case law and Florida Statute) in Florida Tax Deed Surplus sales?

Asset recovery companies are only allowed to charge 12% maximum in a Florida mortgage foreclosure surplus case. Yet, there is no cap whatsoever in what these companies can charge in a tax deed surplus. Many times, I will hear that these asset recovery companies will say something like the following to the homeowner: “I will give you $7500 cash to assign all of your rights to your tax deed surplus.” Not knowing how the process works, many people take such a deal not realizing that they could be entitled to the full amount of the surplus funds, sometimes being close to $100,000.00.

So, DO NOT assign away your rights in a tax deed surplus case. Instead, hire a Florida tax deed surplus attorney to represent your rights in the surplus case. An experienced tax deed surplus attorney can help because most of the time the tax-deed surplus issues are not in court, but administered through the county clerk. Therefore, there is less regulation and more room for inaccuracies and shady deals to occur. I have personally handled several tax-deed foreclosure surplus cases in Florida, and I make sure that the law if followed correctly. I also represent your rights, I will not make you “assign” them away for my benefit.

If you have a tax deed foreclosure surplus case in Florida, call me for a free consultation. If I am hired, I will only get paid if I collect for you!

Whether you need a Miami tax deed surplus lawyer, Fort Lauderdale tax deed surplus lawyer, Palm Beach tax deed surplus lawyer, Tampa tax deed surplus lawyer, Clearwater beach tax deed surplus lawyer, Orlando tax deed surplus lawyer, Kissimmee tax deed surplus lawyer, Lake county tax deed surplus lawyer, Tavares tax deed surplus lawyer, North Miami tax deed surplus lawyer, Jacksonville tax deed surplus lawyer, Saint Augustine tax deed surplus lawyer, Sarasota tax deed surplus attorney, Fort Myers tax deed surplus lawyer, Destin tax deed surplus Lawyer, Indian hills tax deed surplus lawyer, Orlando foreclosure surplus funds lawyer, or a Volusia county tax deed surplus attorney, we will represent parties in any county in the state of Florida!

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