The Final Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds Court Hearing

The big day for foreclosure surplus funds occurs when the final hearing is set. Sometimes this hearing can last 30 seconds, other times this hearing can last up to 30 minutes. This is all dependent on each specific case. So, what should you expect at the final hearing for the disbursement of foreclosure surplus funds?

If there are no subordinate lien holders and your foreclosure surplus lawyer has properly prepared, some judges will sign the prepared order without too much argument. However, this situation is rare.

Many surplus cases have either 1) subordinate lien holders, or 2) multiple parties claiming ownership. This is where the final hearing can get long and tricky, especially if your representative is ill prepared.

Foreclosure surplus law is still a very niche area of law that even some judges don’t have full experience in understanding. That is why it is very important to have a Florida foreclosure surplus attorney that has vast experience in this area of law. It is a lawyer’s job to succinctly lay out the law and facts to the judge in a way they can understand clearly. This process starts with the initial Motion for Surplus Funds that is filed.

I make sure that all my arguments I am going to make in court are clearly laid out and enumerated in the Motion for Surplus Funds I file for the former owner. That way, the judge will already have a foundation of my arguments walking into the hearing.

The goal is to get the judge to sign your order disbursing the surplus funds to you. Once the order is signed, the funds will be disbursed anywhere between one to four weeks, depending on your county.

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