Why you Should Never Hire or Assign Away your Rights to a Foreclosure Surplus Recovery Company

I haven’t blogged on this topic in quite some time, but with some of the recent cases I have seen I figured it was time. People of Florida, DO NOT assign away your rights to collect surplus funds. That means DO NOT hire a surplus recovery company/trustee.

There are many reasons why you should not, but the main reason is once you assign away your rights, you are no longer in control of your case.

I recently was hired to pursue a Pinellas county surplus. The gentleman that hired me had a surplus case that had been going on for OVER TWO YEARS. He had “assigned” away his surplus by hiring a surplus asset recovery company. The attorney for the surplus company did a very poor job, as many of them do, and put this former owner in a bad position.

I came in on the surplus funds case and got it resolved in literally one week. It was such a disaster for two years, because surplus companies are all about VOLUME. Meaning, they can only charge up to 12% so they want to find as many cases as possible, which means they offer the worst possible service.

When you get approached by these Florida surplus recover companies, my hope is that you will call me. I have handled thousands of foreclosure cases and handle surplus cases all over the state. I will give you a free and honest evaluation of your surplus case, including what strategy needs to be implemented to give you the best chance to collect surplus funds.

Better yet, if I am hired to represent you in your surplus recovery, I will be representing YOU in court, not a third party company.

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