Collecting Florida Foreclosure Surplus Funds: Never Sign any Documentation with a Third Party Surplus Recovery Company

I recently had a case regarding foreclosure surplus funds in Florida. In this case, the third party surplus companies were hounding this former homeowner. Eventually, the surplus recovery company notified the former owner that the company needed her to sign a document “in order for them to look into the case.” This was the first red flag.

Eventually, the homeowner signed a document giving access to the company to talk to the county regarding the surplus funds, this was not an assignment of the surplus funds rights. After many shady moves by this company, the homeowner decided against signing an assignment of interest to the surplus company (smart move). However, once I was hired and filed the proper motions with the court, this company attached a fraudulent agreement to its motion for surplus funds.

Again, my client never signed the agreement, yet, this company was trying to fraudulently introduce this forged agreement into court.

Here is the good news, these companies are never thorough. I was able to dismantle the fraudulent agreement because it failed to meet certain standards required under Florida Statute 45.032 and Florida Statute 45.033. Yet, not all people are this fortunate after the pages have been signed.

The fraudulent and shady moves are not the biggest reason to not assign away your rights to the surplus funds, but the fact that these companies simply do NOT know what they are doing. I have seen dozens of homeowners lose either all of their surplus funds or a majority of their funds, due to the lack of skill and ability these surplus companies have.

If you have a Florida foreclosure surplus case, hire a top Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer. Remember, a surplus funds lawyer will represent YOU in court. A surplus funds recovery company will represent their own business in the case, not yours. Choose your own Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer to represent you in your case.

I represent people who may be entitled to foreclosure surplus funds in any county in Florida. I have handled over 10,000 foreclosure cases in my career and know this law very well. Further, I don’t get paid anything upfront. If I don’t win and collect money for you, I don’t get paid.

Call me today for a free consultation.

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