True Stories of Foreclosure Surplus Recovery Businesses Episode 2

Episode 2: The Boiler-Plate Motion

Last week, I started a blog series elaborating on various nightmare stories regarding asset/surplus recovery companies in Florida. Episode 1 explained how a widow almost lost $50,000.00 in Florida foreclosure surplus funds due to an assignment of rights to a surplus recovery company, for a mere exchange of $2,500.00. The only reason she didn’t assign away her rights was due to researching and finding my blogs.

This week in Episode 2, I want to discuss the most common, concerning act of these third party companies. The bad lawyer and the boiler-plate motion.

Last week, a former homeowner contacted me discussing his concern with assigning his rights to a third party company that had continually been calling him. I explained that these companies are NOT lawyers, which is why they are allowed to call him directly due to no governing advertising rules. He responded by stating that company vehemently pushed that they have a “team of lawyers.”

This alleged “team of lawyers” is generally one or two attorneys that get paid as little as possible from the surplus companies. I have seen this situation dozens of times, that is, a homeowner assigns his rights to a third party surplus recovery company, and that company then contracts with a lawyer for such a nominal fee to attempt to collect those funds. Now, your recovery is then ONLY predicated about the cheapest lawyer the surplus company could find. And ladies and gentlemen, you get what you pay for.

I have seen cheap lawyers lose surplus funds for homeowners due to the lack of care and skill, because let’s face it, these lawyers don’t have much financial incentive to go in and do a focused, skilled job. These lawyers will then copy and paste a boiler-plate (the same motion reused with all clients without being greatly changed from the original) motion to collect surplus funds, which most of the time is legally insufficient to recover the full amount of surplus funds in a timely fashion.

Therefore, let Episode 2 stand for one important thing: find your own top Florida foreclosure surplus funds lawyer to go collect your Florida foreclosure surplus funds. If you do not choose a lawyer on your own, the third party asset business will choose for you, and their cheap choice could end up costing you months of time and/or every dime of your surplus funds.

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