Four Reasons to Hire Your Own Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer

If you are thinking about assigning all your foreclosure surplus rights to an asset recovery company, you need to understand one major point. That is, your interest will be represented by an attorney that you do not get to choose. Picking and hiring your own foreclosure surplus attorney makes a big difference in your case. Here are four reasons you need to hire your own surplus lawyer:

1) Does my attorney really understand Florida foreclosure surplus law?

Having a dialogue of back and forth regarding your case and the attorney’s experience is crucial. When you assign away your rights, you won’t even speak with the attorney the surplus company chooses, much less have in-depth conversations. Instead, set a free consultation with one of the best foreclosure surplus lawyers in Florida, and get comfortable with who will be representing you in court.

2) Does my attorney have experience representing homeowners, lien-holders, or just third party surplus companies?

The mentality and experience of a foreclosure surplus lawyer that represents homeowners is going to be very different from a lawyer that only represents surplus recovery companies or lien-holders. That is because the law is different for each entity in how they attempt to collect the surplus funds under Florida Statute 45.031 and 45.032.

3) How many surplus cases is the attorney currently handling?

Asking how many current cases your attorney is handling can make a big difference. For instance, many lawyers that these third party surplus companies hire are handling hundreds of surplus cases. My firm, on the other hand, only handles about 10-20 surplus cases at one time. That way each client gets the care and attention their case needs.

4) Who will be the actual attorney going to court for me?

A few weeks ago, I had a hearing in Palm Beach for a foreclosure surplus matter. The attorney for the lien holder sent a coverage attorney to handle the hearing. That attorney was not experienced at all in the field of foreclosure surplus and we won by a large margin. When you choose your own Florida foreclosure surplus lawyer, you get the opportunity to know who is going in front of the judge for you.

Again, choose your own Florida foreclosure surplus attorney to represent you. Do not let another company take all your rights and then pick an inexperienced and skill less lawyer. The risk is not worth it.

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