Another Family's Surplus Funds Lost by a Surplus Recovery Business

Recently, I had a friend refer a family to me regarding Florida surplus funds from an HOA foreclosure. Once I setup a consultation, it didn’t take me long to find out that the family had assigned all their rights away to a surplus company that was consistently hounding and harassing them. At the time, I told them the assignment looked valid, but to be very careful because these asset recovery businesses are not lawyers and don’t know the law.

Sadly enough, I received a call this afternoon from the family. The family stated that the surplus case had not turned out well. I then pulled up the docket and saw the lackluster boiler plate motion filed by the attorney for the surplus company. This should have been a very straight forward case.

Instead, the Plaintiff came in and took the remaining surplus funds totaling over $20,000.00. The attorney for the surplus company told the family that the Plaintiff attorney came in with “quite the story” at the hearing. Wrong. The surplus company’s lawyer just got dominated due to their lack of preparation and/or skill. Had the family picked their own Broward foreclosure surplus lawyer, this could have been different.

I know that these surplus companies will continue to hunt people down, but it is my absolute hope that families will find these blogs before they assign away all their rights. I want to help guide families from making the same unfortunate mistake the aforementioned family made. Instead of having $20,000.00 from the foreclosure sale, they are now left with nothing whatsoever. Know your Florida Foreclosure Surplus Rights and choose your own foreclosure surplus lawyer!

Let me give you a free consultation.

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