Why Homeowner Need an Experienced Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer

I have published many blogs regarding homeowner’s assigning away their foreclosure surplus funds to a third-party asset recovery company. Flat out, you shouldn’t do it. However, in this blog I am going to dive into why a homeowner needs to hire an experienced foreclosure surplus lawyer, and not just a regular foreclosure lawyer.

So many lawyers look at Florida Foreclosure Surplus law and think they can handle it successfully. Heck, the Florida Statutes regarding foreclosure surplus funds seem very clear. Yet, recovering surplus funds is not as simple as regurgitating the statute to the judge, and this has been proven time and time again in cases I have seen in Florida.

Example: I had a hearing a few weeks ago regarding an Orlando Foreclosure Surplus Funds case. The day before the hearing, one of the other Defendants hired a lawyer to file a motion and come to the hearing. This attorney called me and very confidently elaborated on why the other subordinate lien holder would not get the funds (because the lien holder didn’t file their claim within 60 days of the sale). I told him it is much more complex than that, but he failed to inquire further.

While all parties were sitting outside of the courtroom before the hearing started, I could see the attorney reading the other subordinate lien holder’s motion (lack of preparation). The bewildered look on his face was one I knew I would see, at least no later than at the actual hearing. Sure enough, we went into the hearing and I spoke first for a good ten minutes. When it was the other attorney’s turn, he literally said, “I agree with everything Mr. Haynes just said.”

Homeowners need an experienced foreclosure surplus lawyer to help them recover their surplus funds. It may cost more than an asset recovery company, or a bad foreclosure surplus lawyer, but I have seen people lose everything because they didn’t have competent representation.

I will give all homeowners a free consultation and let them know what I can do for their case.

If you need an experienced Florida Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, whether that is a Miami-Dade Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Surplus Law firm, Orlando Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Tampa Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Clearwater Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, Daytona Beach Surplus Lawyer, Palm Beach County Surplus Lawyer, Tavares Foreclosure Surplus Lawyer, or a Jacksonville Foreclosure Surplus Attorney, Benjamin Haynes represents homeowners in Florida foreclosure surplus cases all over the State!

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